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PackFlash Video | Version History
Version history for PackFlash Video Module
- Indicates PackFlash Exclusive Feature

Version 4.03

  • Many more options for related content other than manually selecting items. Pull related content by the same person, same categories, same issues/group, or same issue(s)/groups.
  • Optionally specify that the related content should be of the same type as the main content dynamically. i.e. - if the main item is a blog post, only show related content that are blog posts, but if the content is a tutorial video...only show related content that are tutorial videos.
  • Optionally specify a header template for the related content.
  • Detail module can pull related content in similar fashion to list module allowing for multiple detail items to be displayed on one page (including a gallery from the Gallery module, if required).
  • Ability to group lists by PackFlash categories, issues/groups, person/name, and content type.
  • Ability to set the header template of the grouped list using the same templates as the standard landing pages.
  • Modifications to handle WebAPI on DNN 7 with private and public variables.

Version 4.02

  • Introduction of Contacts Module
  • Added new hierarchy option - Regions (renaming and localization available with resx). NOTE: Functionality turned on when Contacts is licensed.
  • Specify date format at each list module
  • Specify date format at each details module

Version 4.01

  • Introduction of Basic and Basic-Enterprise License Types
  • Granular permissions added for defining users that get to perform specific functions as well as which users can add/edit/publish specific content types
  • Added new feature to set timezone globally as well as for each item added. Timezone token added as well
  • Tab list now provides option for % widths to accommodate responsive designs
  • Provided the ability for item edits to happen within a popup rather than re-direct to the Dashboard page
  • Added global setting option for not automatically assigning user to a created item

Version 4.00

  • Extensible Attributes (custom fields) - create structured content types that have specialized fields. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)
  • Web service API is now available. More flexibility than ever to create a rich user interface. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)
  • Easier to use interface for managing hierarchies, including categories, authors, and content types. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)

Version 3.03

  • Integration to DNN Social implemented
  • Addition of Collections Module to Constellation allows users to save and group video items to their personal libraries (named collections)
  • Introduction of Tooltip functionality allowing any list to provide a template-driven tooltip on hover. The administrator can dictate the item that generates the tooltip with a new template marker
  • Integration with PackFlash Friendly URLs and SEO Module ensures all dynamically driven URLs are re-written with default friendly URLs upon approval

Version 3.02

  • Multi-portal data sharing functionality added

Version 3.01

  • Facebook and Twitter integration extended to Video Module

Version 3.00

  • Integration with Constellation 3.0.  
  • Implements DNN 6.0 look and feel where possible on administrative screens.
  • Video Module now benefits from standard functionality of all Constellation modules. LOTS of additional functionality added including workflow, grouping, list enhancements, search, navigation, etc.
  • Default video display can now be dynamic rather than only by choosing the specific video to display.
  • Video data criteria will take dynamic variables such as query key into account.  This allows the site to display a video player on a category or author landing page and show the most recent video for that category or author, for instance.  It would also provide the ability to place on a blog post and show the video associated with the blog post.
  • Added ability to filter parent category for Category Browser.  This allows the module to be as specific as necessary for the page.
  • Added "Video Duration" so that it can be added to templates and displayed in lists.

Version 2.01

  • Administrators can choose to convert videos to multiple quality options - 480p, 720p, and 1080p - or any combination. 1080p will convert the videos to the highest quality video based on the source video provided. All users will be shown the lowest quality video for performance/bandwidth/compatibility purposes, but they will have links to view higher quality videos at their choosing. This allows the site to provide mobile video support, but not have to sacrifice quality for desktop users.
  • Administrators can provide a URL of a video from an external source or streaming server
  • Administrators can choose a video on the web server and have it be converted.
  • Background color of main video player can be chosen.

Version 2.00

  • Module detects if the device is an Apple device without Flash support. If an Apple device is detected, then the module will deliver the video via an MP4 file within an HTML5 video tag.
  • The module will convert a wide variety of video file formats (list below) to a common MP4 video format that can be played by legacy iPhone and iPad devices (this may mean a loss of quality in the conversion process due to older iPhone capabilities)
  • Multiple install versions are available that allow the site administrator to save time and preserve quality by doing their own video file conversion (so the video file conversion does not occur on the web server)
  • Improved handling of hosting-related issues, such as file size problems, timeouts due to conversions or uploads, and file formats not supported (MIME types not included in by the hosting provider)
  • Added Amazon S3 integration

Version 1.00

  • New version of the Product
Enterprise-Level Features
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