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Version History

Version history starts with PackFlash Publish V1
- Indicates PackFlash Exclusive Feature

Version 4.05

  • Added the ability to have multiple versions of any item with their own workflow and publication.
  • Modified the display of the dashboard to create a quick view of "Save, Approve, Delete, Clone, and Preview" buttons that are visible on every tab. Moved the publication section from the Content tab to the the Publication tab.
  • Added the ability to "protect approved content" by preventing someone from saving over an approved/published copy of an item.
  • Added the ability to assign any news item to a DNN social group and have it show up as part of that group on the group page (the PF-List module will automatically filter to show those items).
  • Added the ability to assign DNN tags to any image. The PF-List module has been modified to allow for search results based on the DNN tags.
  • Expanded ability to assign news items to DNN tags
  • Modified system to allow SMTP calls to take on default SSL settings
  • Expanded options for workflow email templates to allow for more useful workflow emails.

Version 4.04

  • Introduced a new interface for uploading images.
  • Added drag and drop functionality for images.
  • Added ability to bulk process images (by choosing a file on the server, uploading zip, and multi-select files)
  • Added ability to use short-codes for any image allowing for setting functionality and sizing of image within the text of any item
  • All parent categories are selected when a child category is assigned
  • Added the ability to not include any category within the token listing
  • Added the ability for the PF-List module to run a search based on the standard DNN search parameter
  • A space between keywords within PackFlash search terms now processes each term on it's own as well as the combined search phrase

Version 4.03

  • Many more options for related content other than manually selecting items. Pull related content by the same person, same categories, same issues/group, or same issue(s)/groups.
  • Optionally specify that the related content should be of the same type as the main content dynamically. i.e. - if the main item is a blog post, only show related content that are blog posts, but if the content is a tutorial video...only show related content that are tutorial videos.
  • Optionally specify a header template for the related content.
  • Detail module can pull related content in similar fashion to list module allowing for multiple detail items to be displayed on one page (including a gallery from the Gallery module, if required).
  • Ability to group lists by PackFlash categories, issues/groups, person/name, and content type.
  • Ability to set the header template of the grouped list using the same templates as the standard landing pages.
  • Modifications to handle WebAPI on DNN 7 with private and public variables.

Version 4.02

  • Introduction of Contacts Module
  • Added new hierarchy option - Regions (renaming and localization available with resx). NOTE: Functionality turned on when Contacts is licensed.
  • Specify date format at each list module
  • Specify date format at each details module

Version 4.01

  • Introduction of Basic and Basic-Enterprise License Types
  • Granular permissions added for defining users that get to perform specific functions as well as which users can add/edit/publish specific content types
  • Added new feature to set timezone globally as well as for each item added. Timezone token added as well.
  • Tab list now provides option for % widths to accommodate responsive designs
  • Provided the ability for item edits to happen within a popup rather than re-direct to the Dashboard page
  • Added global setting option for not automatically assigning user to a created item

Version 4.00

  • Extensible Attributes (custom fields) - create structured content types that have specialized fields. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)
  • Web service API is now available. More flexibility than ever to create a rich user interface. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)
  • Easier to use interface for managing hierarchies, including categories, authors, and content types. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)

Version 3.03

  • Integration to DNN Social implemented
  • Addition of Collections Module to Constellation allows users to save and group video items to their personal libraries (named collections)
  • Introduction of Tooltip functionality allowing any list to provide a template-driven tooltip on hover. The administrator can dictate the item that generates the tooltip with a new template marker
  • Integration with PackFlash Friendly URLs and SEO Module ensures all dynamically driven URLs are re-written with default friendly URLs upon approval

Version 3.02

  • Multi-portal data sharing functionality added

Version 3.01

  • Facebook and Twitter integration updated with Facebook's latest API (OAuth 2.0)

Version 3.00

  • Integration into Constellation 3.0
  • Added Multi-lingual content support and features
  • Significantly expanded options for providing search for the website visitor
  • Implemented the concept for "Content Type"
  • Expanded administrative search including a status key to communicate better what is happening with each item
  • Modified "Editor" role to provide less access. Editors now can only edit items that they have been assigned or originally created. Editors now can only see administrative screens that apply to their roles.
  • Added global settings for content type page/template and search results page/template
  • Modified "sharethis" code to allow for customization with newest code from
  • Created the ability to set the text and image icon for the "featured" flag
  • Add appropriate tokens for new entities
  • Added global option for "Not Found Message" - for setting rules for what happens when a module does not have data available
  • Modified licensing - red trial warning messages will not display any longer. When license has issues, the module will prevent administrators from obtaining access. They will be directed to the licensing page to resolve before proceeding. This change will prevent the website visitor from being impacted by a license issue.
  • Data criteria for List Module now takes dynamic variables into consideration allowing for displaying details based on a query key AND data criteria settings. This is useful for making lists on landing pages more specific to the variables selected in navigation or in the URLs as well as lists more specific on the details pages.
  • Data criteria for List Module now takes dynamic variables into consideration allowing for displaying details based on a query key AND data criteria settings. This is useful for using details on landing pages that apply to the variables selected in navigation or in the URLs.
  • Ability to ignore dynamic variables to force exact data criteria to always run
  • Added "start position" to the data criteria system allowing for a list or item to start at any ordinal position in a data set. This allows administrators to create multiple lists or items on a page with the same data criteria, but assure that the same data is not duplicated across the modules
  • Added additional option for related content to List module to provide more control over the type and look and feel of the list of related items
  • Expanded capabilities around navigation including the ability to name section headers and filter content available to the website visitor. This allows the navigation to be as specific or as broad as needed for the application.
  • Modified List Module to be able to deliver lists of categories and issue/groups in addition to content items that was already included.
  • Pagination for the List Module now allows for editing using CSS rules.  Pagination also has AJAX option. 

Version 2.10

  • Now DNN 6.0 Ready! Tested and Updated for DNN 6.0.
  • Removed sample data and demo install to coordinate changes in DNN 6.0
  • Fixed bug - DNN 05.06.03 introduced problem with "Email a Friend" token. Issue resolved.

Version 2.09

  • Friendly URLs are now created for articles, categories, authors, and contributors. Friendly URLs are based on article title or names (category name, author/contributor name). These can be adjusted by the administrator as needed.
  • Added "Featured" article as an option when assigning an article and generating lists
  • Added capability to have landing pages for categories, authors, and contributors that have bio information and the articles that they are have been attached to them. Expanded use of meta data to include on landing page - Name, description, keywords, image. Templates can control the look and feel of the landing pages.
  • Look and Feel and location can be centralized for ease of use and administration or the system is set up to use extensive capabilities to manage the location and look and feel of each individual article, category, author/contributor. Lists and Articles can be located in different areas of the site and have the designs that are appropriate - articles in the "sports" section can be located with all of the other sports content of the website and have their own look and feel.
  • Installation of module makes setting up easier by including the following features:
    • Administration page automatically created and Dashboard installed on the page. This is located in the "Admin" menu area.
    • Sample pages for landing page, article details page, search results page, and rss page are created.
    • Appropriate sample modules are added to the sample pages that were created.
    • Sample data is also included with the installation so that the users can see how the system works and can test it out without having to enter data. This provides a mini-demo on the site that the module is installed upon.
    • A "delete data" button is included (on import/export screen) to remove the data when the administrator is ready to starting adding real content.
  • Navigation option is included with the system to generate categories, authors, and archive dates along with the number of articles found within each group
  • A group of premium templates are included that were created from the template editor to show samples of how the creation process could work.

Version 2.08

  • A brand new group of professionally designed details templates and list templates inspired by some of the largest websites on the internet. A directory of the ever-growing templates can be found on the site.
  • Modifications to improve DNN Search and integration to iSearchable interface.
  • Modifications to PackFlash Publishing search to include more options around showing search results.
  • Modified the "Share This" integration functionality to incorporate the new script capabilities.

Version 2.07

    • System will push a Facebook update and Twitter Feed when article is published.
    • System can be set to publish article and send Facebook and Twitter Feeds at a future date and time (scheduled)
    • Administrator can choose to have the system post feeds by a page (branded) or a user
    • System will pre-fill Article Title and Summary of article and reserve characters for url shortener for the purpose of linking back to the article from the feed. Administrator has the ability to modify this as much as they like to suit their needs.
    • User can provide their own url account or use the default account for ease of use
    • System provides a character counter for Twitter Feed (22 characters reserved for url shortened link back to the article).
  • Enhanced default article functionality to allow for same flexibility as article lists
  • Increased the number of article list tabs to 10 due to popular request.

Version 2.06

  • Administrators can now create and edit their own templates using a tokens and the WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor or RADEditor). This uses a template editor system for creating both Details templates and List templates.
  • All previous "PackFlash" created templates are still available and still work.
  • Added additional data elements through the tokens that are available to the Details Templates and List Templates including statistics for comments, ratings, recommends...breaking up the components for the dates for management and flexible formatting...related information such as related content, categories, tags, and authors...and called out additional social networking capabilities such as Facebook "Like", Tweet/Re-tweet, and Digg.

Version 2.05

  • Ability to set each individual article to always go to a particular "home" or default page unless over-ridden by a particular list. This means that you can have articles always find their appropriate category landing page if so desired.
  • Import/Export now includes all database options including categories, issues, authors, article IDs, inserts, and allows for assignment of a legacy ID for each article for integration purposes.
  • Enhanced "Printable Version" now prints entire article when article paging is used.
  • Added ability for administrators to include a "Read Full Article" option on every list

Version 2.04

  • New AJAX Tab lists - add up to 4 AJAX tabs with any group of article list. Over 40 themes and styles to choose from.
  • Ability to add pages to articles from right inside the editor. No complicated or confusing page break functionality. Simply insert a [Page Break] code at the chosen place for a page break and the system will do the work for you.
  • Added ability to import and export data including the choice of what data to export (using same logic as any other list in the system).
  • Added ability for users to "recommend" or vote for an article.
  • Administrators can now build lists of the "Most Recommended" articles and the "Highest Rated" (please download the most recent version of the Comments module for this feature).
  • Improvement in the search feature to work more effectively when hitting "enter" rather than the "go" button

Version 2.03

  • SQL 2000 support
  • SQL 2008 support
  • Web farm/load balancing support
  • Localized dates based on DNN language setting
  • Tag cloud management enhancements
  • Tag cloud view added to related content (configured in settings)
  • Enhanced category filtering and language updates in the search module (option to filter based on inclusion OR exclusion of categories)
  • Tag search functionality in the search module (when linked to form a tag cloud).

Version 2.02

  • Improved "save" function with better communication of completion of save
  • Minor Bug fix - resizing of a square image overloading the thumbnail generator
  • Addition of a new "list" template that provides a vertical scroller
  • Addition of a new "list" template that provides a horizontal scroller
  • Addition of a new "article detail" template that provides no image rotator
  • Ability to search articles in the backend using a wildcard "*" to show all the articles
  • Abilty to search articles in the backend by categories (show all articles in a category using a wildcard "*" as well)
  • ISearchable interface implemented

Version 2.01

  • Implementation of "Trial" version functionality
  • Enhanced Licensing capabilities
  • Added Expiration Date to article options
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