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PackFlash Mega Menu | Version History
Version history starts with PackFlash Mega V1
- Indicates PackFlash Exclusive Feature

Version 4.03

  • No mega menu feature updates.

Version 4.02

  • Active DNN pages now retain that they are "active" in CSS
  • Root nodes now obey permission rules

Version 4.01

  • No mega menu feature updates.

Version 4.00

  • Better handling of settings for columns.  Column settings at the node level now override the global setting.

Version 3.0

  • Can now create manual (static) menu nodes that are not DNN pages
  • Smart node option - nodes can be added to the menu that smartly builds out:
    • A section of the DNN page hierarchy
    • A section of the PackFlash category hierarchy
    • A list of PackFlash content authors
  • The above new features provide the power to completely custom tailor a menu structure that is independent of the underlying DNN page hierarchy
  • There is a skin conversion tool that can duplicate and existing skin and substitute the PackFlash Mega Menu for the standard DNN menu
  • Improved preview capability
  • Improved menu versioning capability

Version 2.01

  • Supports localized content (multilingual enabled) 
  • Install process conforms to latest DNN standards
  • Fixed bug related to "SeparatedList" display option in core menu object 

Version 2.00

  • MUCH EASIER TO USE admin tool
  • First use wizard helps to set up admin system  
  • Admin preview requires no extra configuration, accurately shows how the menu will look within your skin  
  • Admin allows for toggling between "live" and "preview" views of menu  
  • Admin fully supports auto columns option
  • Admin provides warning if user tries to navigate away without saving a menu in-progress
  • New menu feature: auxilliary pages can be added to the admin/host menu
  • New menu feature: can direct menu to display "hidden" pages when admins are logged in
  • Bug fix - menu properly keeps track of currently active root-level page  

Version 1.02

  • 1 new sample skin added - 2 column, which shifts position with the tab, based on style  
  • Previous sample #1 tweaked to show up auto column feature. Sample #1 also tweaked to better handle menu items that wrap  
  • Addition of new Auto Column feature (learn more)  
  • Manual updated to more thoroughly explain column options and how they are manifested in the HTML output of the menu
  • DNN page icons are now supported throughout the menus. Previously icons were only automatically supported for admin menus, and the HTML Before or After field needed to be used to display icons. Now you can have an icon, and HTML before and HTML after with any menu item
  • Fix to properly handle ChildrenOfTab property selection in the skin object so that it properly handles all DisplayFormat options   

Version 1.01

  • 2 new sample skins added - vertical style, and fancy jQuery accordion style  
  • Fix for maintaining active state of top leve tabs added  
  • Fix for making sure that admin page is properly added to admin menu during install
  • Fix for handling database prefixes added  
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