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PackFlash Events | Version History
Version history for PackFlash Events Module
- Indicates PackFlash Exclusive Feature

Version 4.03

  • Many more options for related content other than manually selecting items. Pull related content by the same person, same categories, same issues/group, or same issue(s)/groups.
  • Optionally specify that the related content should be of the same type as the main content dynamically. i.e. - if the main item is a blog post, only show related content that are blog posts, but if the content is a tutorial video...only show related content that are tutorial videos.
  • Optionally specify a header template for the related content.
  • Detail module can pull related content in similar fashion to list module allowing for multiple detail items to be displayed on one page (including a gallery from the Gallery module, if required).
  • Ability to group lists by PackFlash categories, issues/groups, person/name, and content type.
  • Ability to set the header template of the grouped list using the same templates as the standard landing pages.
  • Modifications to handle WebAPI on DNN 7 with private and public variables.

Version 4.02

  • Introduction of Contacts Module
  • Added new hierarchy option - Regions (renaming and localization available with resx). NOTE: Functionality turned on when Contacts is licensed.
  • Specify date format at each list module
  • Specify date format at each details module
  • Specify date format for lightbox (or tooltip) at the calendar module
  • Find/Edit screen now defaults to event start date rather than publish date and allows for sorting based on event start date
  • Find/Edit makes assumptions on dates to make them inclusive (don't need to adjust end date/time to get full results of that day
  • Added dynamic tokens and intelligence for situations where an event starts and ends on the same date
  • Added the ability to specify that an event is "all day"
  • Added dynamic tokens and intelligence for situations where an event is specified as "all day"

Version 4.01

  • Introduction of Basic and Basic-Enterprise License Types
  • Granular permissions added for defining users that get to perform specific functions as well as which users can add/edit/publish specific content types
  • Added new feature to set timezone globally as well as for each item added. Timezone token added as well.
  • Tab list now provides option for % widths to accommodate responsive designs
  • Provided the ability for item edits to happen within a popup rather than re-direct to the Dashboard page
  • Added global setting option for not automatically assigning user to a created item

Version 4.00

  • Extensible Attributes (custom fields) - create structured content types that have specialized fields. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)
  • Web service API is now available. More flexibility than ever to create a rich user interface. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)
  • Easier to use interface for managing hierarchies, including categories, authors, and content types. (applies to News Module, Events Module, Video Module, and Galleries Module)

Version 3.03

  • Integration to DNN Social implemented
  • Addition of Collections Module to Constellation allows users to save and group event items to their personal libraries (named collections)
  • Introduction of Tooltip functionality allowing any list to provide a template-driven tooltip on hover. The administrator can dictate the item that generates the tooltip with a new template marker
  • Integration with PackFlash Friendly URLs and SEO Module ensures all dynamically driven URLs are re-written with default friendly URLs upon approval

Version 3.02

  • Multi-portal data sharing functionality added

Version 3.01

  • Facebook and Twitter integration extended to Events Module

Version 3.00

  • New Module created - Version number used to synchronize with Constellation
Enterprise-Level Features
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