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PackFlash Comments | Version History

Version History

Version history starts with PackFlash Comments and Ratings V1.4

Version 4.05

  • No changes to Comments Module

Version 4.04

  • No changes to Comments Module

Version 4.03

  • Modifications to handle WebAPI on DNN 7 with private and public variables.

Version 4.02

  • Introduction of Contacts Module
  • Enhanced Comments to better handle AJAX comments in Video Module

Version 4.01

  • Module Names are now reflected in the choice for "stick to module" rather than the module type

Version 4.00

  • Added ability to add Comments through Web Service API

Version 3.04

  • No changes to Comments Module

Version 3.03

  • Administrators can choose to make the DNN Social integration visible for each instance of the module.
  • When visible, the user has the choice to send the comment to their personal journal and/or any of the social groups to which they belong.
  • The user can choose the visibility of the comment that is being posted with options that are like the options available when posting manually to the personal or social group journals.

Version 3.02

  • Integration to Constellation Suite
  • Look and Feel Modifications to DNN 6 version

Version 1.04

  • Now DNN 6.0 Ready! Tested and Updated for DNN 6.0.
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