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PackFlash License Policy In Brief

PackFlash licenses are based on domain names, NOT on DNN installations or portals. The Standard and Basic Licenses allow for a single production domain, and unlimited development domains. The Basic Enterprise and Standard Enterprise Licenses allow for an unlimited number of domains and installations that are owned and controlled by the purchasing organization.  The Basic Enterprise and Standard Enterprise licenses are not transferable and are NOT appropriate for developers who wish to distribute the software to multiple clients or provide hosting services.

Enterprise-Level Features
Licensing Comparison Basic Basic Enterprise Standard Standard Enterprise
Cost Discontinued
$149 $449
Portals Allowed Discontinued
1 DNN Portal Unlimited portals and DNN installations
Domains Allowed Discontinued
1 Domain (with aliases) Unlimited domains
Access to Upgrades Discontinued
Upgrades included for 12 months Upgrades included for 12 months
Module Features Discontinued
All Current Features All Current Features

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