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My Experience with PackFlash

A summer internship in marketing.

Going into my first day of work with PackFlash was a little scary. I was unfamiliar with DotNetNuke and website development. That would all change soon.

My official title was “Marketing Intern”, but marketing was just a portion of my job. On my first day I was briefed on how the PackFlash software works, and then was asked to install it on a test environment and practice replicating a popular website with PackFlash and DNN. I thought to myself, “It should be easy enough. I am 21. I like technology. This shouldn’t be too hard.” Before really getting started, I went out to lunch with Chris, Jane and Angela where I proceeded to sit in ketchup at the restaurant (all of the chairs were red). Beginner’s luck.

For the first week, I worked on recreating the website and testing the PackFlash software. I also managed PackFlash’s social media accounts and started to learn about the DotNetNuke web platform.

After testing the PackFlash software, I started rewriting PackFlash’s instruction manuals to assist customers in the installation and use of the software. In order to accomplish this I had to use PackFlash’s modules, allowing me to become very comfortable with the software. I also learned a lot about the software from reading the instructions that I was pushing to our live website.

This all came into practical use for me when I was able to start doing billable hours on our client’s websites. I was mainly working with list modules, dropping them onto different pages and integrating them within a page.

Overall, I found my experience rewarding. I took my passion for marketing to an industry that I was not completely familiar with and because of this I was able to learn a lot. It was great being able to work for a small company where the partners are as visible, accessible, and physically present as the rest of the staff. One thing that stood out to me was the level of professionalism; everyone was extremely focused and was really there to work hard. Another thing that impressed me was how mobile and fast they were able to move. They even implemented a daily morning meeting which allows them to honestly evaluate where they are and where they want to be.

I came to the realization that work is not always fun, but what makes it enjoyable is the people who you work with, and working with the people at PackFlash made my summer really enjoyable.

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