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PackFlash Events | Full Feature List
Full Feature List
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Calendar and Event Features

  • Month, week, day, and list views are available.  Month and year are available to switch in dropdowns.
  • Ability to filter to show any data in the PackFlash system, not just events.  Events will represent the span of the event, while any other data will show on the date it was published.
  • Calendar theme allows for significantly changing the look and feel of the calendar.
  • Tooltip (popup) is template and token driven.  Specify exactly what is needed in the popup.  
  • Popup has options for adding the event to Google and Outlook calendars.
  • Event details are template and token driven.  Organize the details however the design specifies.
  • Add a location for the event on the fly.  Give the location a mapping URL and use within the location details and the events detail.
  • Events can have a start & end time, start and end registration time, and start and end publication time.
  • Events can have their own email, rather than it tied to the location or a person (which are all possible).

Displaying The Details

  • Ability to add additional module (Related Content) to display various related content on the detail page
  • Configure the module to use "Share This" functionality
  • Email a friend functionality
  • Print page functionality
  • Ability to comment on items at administrator's choosing (requires Comments & Ratings module)
  • Template driven system that uses tokens.  Allows for full configuration of the detail page to suit the needs of the site.
  • Default detail item can be based on data rules allowing for the ability to show details for the most recent blog post within a specific category when visiting the category landing page, for instance.
  • Default detail item can be set to show the "start position" (ordinal number).  This allows for "stacked" items with different ordinal positions to be shown on the same page.
  • Ability to use the global rule for the location of search results for tags or over-ride this setting at the module.
  • Ability to determine the rule for what happens when information is not found for an item.  This feature mainly applies to multi-lingual content, but could be used for additional purposes.
Enterprise-Level Features
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