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PackFlash Video | Full Feature List
Full Feature List
- Indicates PackFlash Exclusive Feature

Provides Capability for Video Playback on Mobile Devices that Do Not Have Adobe Flash Support Such as iPhone and iPad

  • PackFlash Video Module detects if the device is an Apple device without Flash support. If an Apple device is detected, then the module will deliver the video via an MP4 file within an HTML5 video tag.
  • The module will convert a wide variety of video file formats (list below) to a common MP4 video format that can be played by legacy iPhone and iPad devices (this may mean a loss of quality in the conversion process due to older iPhone capabilities)
  • Multiple DotNetNuke install versions are available that allow the site administrator to save time and preserve quality by doing their own video file conversion (so the video file conversion does not occur on the web server)
  • Improved handling of hosting-related issues, such as file size problems, timeouts due to conversions or uploads, and file formats not supported (MIME types not included in by the hosting provider)

Configurable AJAX-tabbed Video Lists and Category Browser Display

  • AJAX tab lists can be created "on the fly" that apply filters by category and/or creators, related videos, most watched videos, most commented, and most emailed
  • Category browser can be included that allows the user to explore the entire video database
  • Provides the ability to resize the entire area of the tab lists
  • CSS can be applied to the list for the active, inactive, and display boxes of the tab list
  • over 40 CSS themes included with color combinations to match almost any website color scheme
  • Up to 4 AJAX tabs with lists can be created
  • Ability to determine the video page for any particular list. If not selected, the global control will be used as a default. If using the same page (the player exists on the same page as the list), then the module will provide AJAX capabilities to show the video in the player.
  • Ability to select to re-size images for the list view
  • Ability to select how the re-sizing will work (re-size by keeping the aspect ratio OR re-size and crop)
  • Ability to select the width and height of the thumbnail used within the list view.
  • Ability to choose whether additional videos for this list should be provided with a link, where the list for the full video list would be located within your site, and what the name of the link should be (for example, "more videos" or "go to complete list", etc.)
  • Allow subscription to any category (or all categories) with RSS feeds and RSS
  • Ability to determine where the RSS feed for the list should reside within your website
  • Ability to determine where the details of the RSS feed live and the maximum number of videos to display

Extensive Player Options

  • Support for multiple file types - .asf, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpe, .rm, .rmvb, .ram, .mov, .wmv, .flv formats including encoding m4v, mp4 file formats with the High Definition H.264 standard (NOTE: files that have rights protection may not convert correctly)
  • All files will be converted to .mp4 at the time of uploading on-the-fly if conversion is done by the module
  • Administrators can choose to convert videos to multiple quality options - 480p, 720p, and 1080p - or any combination. 1080p will convert the videos to the highest quality video based on the source video provided. All users will be shown the lowest quality video for performance/bandwidth/compatibility purposes, but they will have links to view higher quality videos at their choosing. This allows the site to provide mobile video support, but not have to sacrifice quality for desktop users.
  • Administrators can provide a URL of a video from an external source or streaming server
  • Administrators can choose a video on the web server and have it be converted.
  • Ability to choose the default video that will show up within the page.
  • Configure the module to use "Share This" functionality
  • Email a the video functionality
  • Ability to provide an embed code for playing on someone else's website
  • Ability to provide a direct link to the video (deep link). Important for SEO purposes.
  • Ability to decide whether or not to play the video immediately on screen load or wait for user to click play
  • Ability to show or hide all controls on the player - controls, email function, sharing, embed, video link, default video title, default video sub-title, creators/authors, video caption
  • Background color of main video player can be chosen.
Enterprise-Level Features
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