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PackFlash Slideshow | Full Feature List
Full Feature List
- Indicates PackFlash Exclusive Feature

Multi-Portal (website) Data Sharing

  • Ability to display data (content item information) from all portals or websites that have been connected by the administrator
  • Shared items willl be displayed within the same website, rather than re-directed to the original website, to improve engagement and user experience
  • Integration with PackFlash Friendly URLs and SEO will handle cross-site canonical URLs to eliminate duplicate content issues.

Templates and Display Options

  • Templates for main slide information can contain any type of text/HTML content.  Slides are intended to use common tokens from the other PackFlash Modules.
  • Thumbnails support text/HTML content.  This allows for significant flexibility on the layout.  Thumbnails must be included in the template for this option to be enabled.
  • Included templates are designed to show off samples of functionality that could exist.
  • Administrative interface designed to match the new DNN 6 look and feel.
  • Provides the ability to set overall height and width.
  • Provides the ability to include previous/next keys (need to be part of template design).
  • Provides the ability to manage transition effect - vertical slide, horizontal slide, fade, etc.
  • Provides the ability to set slide hold time
  • Provides the ability to set slide transition time
  • Provides the ability to set the slides to transition automatically
  • Provides the ability to set the module to stop the slides on "mouseover"
  • Provides the ability to have the module only loop through the slides once.
  • Provides the ability to set navigation controls.  When activated, dots and numbers are the navigational options.  This selection is independent of the previous/next and thumbnail options.

Slide Data and Management

  • Data for slideshows can apply filters for any content type, category, group (issue), or people from any PackFlash content module  
  • All slides of any particular slideshow can be generated from one data rule (one query) allowing for a slideshow of the top 5 highest rated blog posts, for instance.
  • Each slide of the slides within a slideshow can have their own data rules (query) so that they run independently. This allows for creating a slideshow that has one slide with the most recent blog post in a category, the most recent webinar in the next slide, the highest rated case study in the next slide, and the most commented video in the next slide.  Another option would be that there could be 4 slides - each showing the most recent case studies from one of 4 different categories.
  • Supports multilingual content by leveraging other PackFlash module content.
  • Provides the ability to change based on dynamic variables such as a query string key. This would allow for a slideshow to be on a landing page and change based on the category or author that is being represented at the time.
Enterprise-Level Features
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