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Content Comes Alive On the Page

Incredibly flexible display rules for showing content details.

  • All PackFlash Modules are Integrated with Each Other
  • "Smart Lists" Allow for Criteria to be Remembered, Passed, and Combined
  • Ability to determine the rules for what happens when there is no information to display
  • Ability set location of where user will be taken when clicking tags
  • Ability to embed data components directly into the the body of an item - related content, images, videos, etc.
  • Flexible layout options including magazine-like functionality
  • Default content driven by data rules
  • Templates for details page is driven by tokens
  • Print page functionality
  • Website users can make comments and rate items
  • Email a friend functionality
  • Configure the module to use social sharing (including "Share this" functionality)
  • Display various related content on the detail page

Share Content with DNN Social Groups

Content can be scheduled to be posted to DNN Social Journals at the same time that they are published.

  • The user can choose the visibility of the post to the DNN social journals
  • Post to DNN social can include a personalized message
  • Users can post to personal journals and/or any social group which they belong

Users Can Create Their Own Personal Libraries

Allow website visitors to create their own libraries and save content to them, similar to wishlist functionality.

  • User Watchlist or Personal Library Functionality (called "Collections")
  • A new collections can be added "on-the-fly" within the popup box when adding an item to a collection
  • A new "Add to Collection" token allows for control of position and look/feel of the add function on both list and detail templates
  • Website visitors can re-order/manage items within any individual collection
  • Website visitors can add items to a default collection before registering
  • Website visitors can name/rename/reorder collections, add notes to collections, and determine the visibility (private or public)
  • Website visitors can add multiple collections and determine which items they want in each collection
  • Administrators can specify the types of content that can be added to a collection by a website visitor

Use Tooltips on Any List to Show More Information

Tooltips provide an additional option for displaying lots of information in a limited space. The tooltips are template-driven.

  • Add Tooltips to Any List
  • Tooltips can be specified within the settings of the list module
  • Tooltips look and feel is template-driven with available tokens from the "details" list
  • Administrators can determine the location of a tooltip within any list

Administrators Can Create Content Collections

Collections allow for "House" created groupings to share with users.

  • Administrators can collaborate on "house" collections
  • Administrators can send personal emails to view "house" collections

Publish Content on Facebook and Twitter

Schedule content to be shared on Facebook and Twitter when it is published on the website.

  • Content creators can choose to post to a Facebook and/or Twitter account at the time that a content item is published
  • Administrators can choose what users (roles) can post to social media
  • Social media posts can include a personal message

Share Content Across Websites

Multi-portal (Website) data sharing allows content to be shown wherever it is specified.

  • Shared portals can be one-way or two-way data sharing
  • The details are displayed on the website rather than back to the original
  • Administrators can link 2 or more websites together to share data

Easily Find, Add, and Edit Content

Dashboard provides search capabilities to access the right content.

  • Preview the content at any time by pressing a button
  • Main content of an item can be many types of format
  • "Teaser" detail templates can be used for unauthorized users to entice website visitors to register/login in order to view the content
  • Items can be re-assigned to other users with instructions on what to do next by usin the simple, but powerful workflow
  • Content items can be entered in one page if desired and published with a start date or can be associated with a group and published when the group is published
  • Use the edit "icon" to go directly to editing any item from the list or details
  • Find items with admin search by keywords, data range..filter by category, content type, group, people, or region
  • Centralized dashboard allows for content items, categories, groups, templates, global settings, etc. all to be managed in one place

Extensive Management of People

System provides multiple means of assigning and managing information around people.

  • People can be dynamically used to filter lists using query keys
  • Navigation will only show people that apply to other filtered items (such as content type)
  • Lists can be filtered by people
  • People can be assigned as secondary roles of an item
  • Add custom "bylines" and custom labels for non-standard attribution of people
  • Tokens allow for using data for people on lists, details templates, and related content
  • Ability to add and assign people as necessary "on-the-fly" rather than taking away from the item that is being managed
  • System can be set up so to allow some (or all) users to ghost write items
  • Administrator can set system to automatically assign creator to item (based on DNN userID)
  • Ability to assign multiple people as necessary from the database

Create Dynamic Pages Focused Around People

Organize pages and lists to specifically cater to a person or a type of person (Author, for instance).

  • Create custom details for people
  • People area and details uses templates and tokens
  • People can have their own page and listed within navigation

Add Unlimited Categories

Create dynamic pages focused around categories.

  • Navigation is Universal and Customizable
  • Global categorization and people - PackFlash News, Events, Video, Contacts and Galleries share categories and people, allowing for a global taxonomy
  • Create custom details for categories
  • Categories can have templates
  • Categories can have their own page and listed within navigation

Add Unlimited Regions (Territories)

Create dynamic pages focused around regions/territories.

  • Regions are universal

Keep Users Clicking With Content Relationships

Make relationships between any content or file to any other in the system.

  • Items can have a one-way or two-way relationship or create an ad-hoc group of associations
  • Embedded related information within content items
  • Documents, files, videos, mp3's can be added "on-the-fly" to an item
  • "Related Content" mode allows for displaying related items
  • Related items to each other using a simple selection process

Full-featured Image Management and Display

Robust image capabilities provide the options to make the site look it should.

  • Rotator token allows for fixed height/width as well as percentage width
  • Users determine which image will be used as the default image
  • Captions can be provided for each image
  • Images can be displayed in a rotator that will cycle through all of the images
  • Add an unlimited number of images to display within the content

Templates Are Used Everywhere

Templates are used on lists, details, groups, emails, categories, people, content types, tooltips, search, collections

  • Templates displayed are determined by a hierarchy system
  • Templates for lists, item details, categories, regions, content types, collections, people, groups, tooltips, emails, etc
  • Specify a template for the list items for a group separate from the rest of the items
  • Specify a template for the list items for a group separate from the rest of the items
  • Specify a template for a main item separate from the rest of the items
  • Specify a "teaser" template for authorized user roles and separate template for unauthorized roles
  • Ability to choose a default item list template and change the template when adding a list to a page

SEO Built Right In

Manage all portions of search engine meta tags as well as assure that SEO is taken into consideration with detail templates.

  • Integration with PackFlash SEO module will allow canonical tags to be applied on pages with duplicate content
  • Use H1 tag(s) for search engine prominence on the details page
  • Manage search engine meta data and URLs for content items, categories, regions, groups, people, etc.

Allow Users to Comment on and Rate Any Content

PackFlash Comments and Rating Module included with any purchase of News, Video, Gallery, Events, or Contacts.

  • Administrators can "spike" a comment as abusive or offensive and provide a comment
  • Website visitors can flag a comment as abusive or offensive
  • Website visitors and administrators can recommend comments
  • Comments can be threaded
  • Comment subject and commenter name can be hidden or made not required
  • Comments can be approved or unapproved at any time
  • Determine whether comments require administrator approval or go live immediately
  • Determine whether website visitors are allowed to make comments anonymously
  • Provide ability for website visitor to comments and rate items

Groups/Issues Provide Unique Publishing Options

Schedule content to be published together and moved through site together using groups/issues.

  • Provides an Additional Classification Option - Issues / Groups
  • Administration provides management of individual content items
  • Administration provides indication of workflow
  • Groups can be displayed as a Table of Contents
  • Groups can be displayed in a grid layout
  • Groups can have its own look and feel
  • Groups can be set to be "current"
  • Groups can have a publish date, title, description, and image (usually cover image)

Workflow System That Doesn't Get In the Way

Assign items with notes, view item history, and see staff workload all within the workflow system.

  • Users will be able to re-assign an item to any other user on the workflow screen
  • Users can re-assign at content item level
  • View staff workload and re-assign items
  • View items that users have requested approval and publication
  • Items marked as priority will be tagged appropriately
  • Keeps track of approval statuses, dates, and specific requestor actions
  • Publishers are be able to publish any items in the system
  • Editors will be able to edit only items that they have created or someone has assigned to them
  • Email notifications for assignments or updates
  • Content items have a history page
  • Users have personal queues to indicate their existing workload

Limit or Open Up Data For Each Search Instance

Every search module instance can be set to allow the user to search as much or as little of the database. This allows for a universal search or only search blogs, for instance.

  • Record searches that were performed
  • Ability to filter search down to any content type, category, region, etc.
  • Decide on search look and feel
  • Add additional data to search
  • Search is a limited data search by default

Provide Users with Search Options

Search can be as little as a textbox or multiple form elements for dates and dropdowns.

  • Customize text for search at each instance
  • Each search instance can look and act differently
  • Change the search look and feel with templates
  • Admin control of search behavior

Get Your Content Out There - Share With Others

Extensive options for sharing content within lists and on details pages.

  • Share Content and Comments on DNN Social
  • Provide flexible RSS options
  • Print item functionality
  • Email a friend functionality
  • Share content via email
  • Share content on Facebook and Twitter
  • Configure the module to use "share this" functionality
Extend the System with Custom Fields

Extend the System with Custom Fields

Custom fields (attributes) allow for greatly enhancing the system.

  • Create Custom Fields - can be used in list and details template

Lots of Options For Showing Content Based on Dates

Filter by dates provides many forward and backward looking date functions such as this week, last week, last X days, etc.

  • Flexible Date Filtering and Ordering

DotNetNuke's Most Flexible Classification System

Most powerful taxonomy options on DotNetNuke - content types, grouping, categories, regions, tags, people, collections, custom fields.

  • Content Types - Multiplies the capabilities of the module

A Fully-Featured WebAPI Gives Developers Control

Programmers can use Javascript, HTML, and CSS to access virtually all data through the WebAPI.

  • WebAPI Available for Ultimate Extensibility

DNN Search Integration

iSearchable interface enforced across content.

  • Lots of Flexibility with a Universal and Customizable Search

Allow Users to Filter by Alphabet - New Template

Users will easily be able to filter data based on alphabet options.

  • Useful Alphabetical Filter Template
Enterprise-Level Features
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