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PackFlash Mega Menu | Full Feature List
Full Feature List
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Comprehensive Menu System

  • Includes skin object, administrative module, and sample skin
  • Automatically builds mega menus based on the DNN page hierarchy
  • Administrative tool allows for adding additional content text or pictures to the menus.
  • Flexibility on display of the Admin and Host menus as demonstrated with our sample skin, it is possible to separate these administrative menus from your main menu, so that you dont need to save space for them in your main menu bar.
  • Menus can be driven completely by CSS, or enhanced with JQuery to provide cross-browser transitions. The sample skins show both approaches.
  • Menus can be styled via CSS to meet almost any requirement. Individual menu elements are given both generalized class names and unique IDs to be used as CSS selectors.
  • First and last selectors are supported at every level of hierarchy 
  • Menu content has both class and ID selectors
  • Parent selectors support the use of icons to denote when child menus exist
  • Menus can be versioned and saved this allows you to change your menu content for a special promotion or season, and then revert back afterwards 
  • The mega menu is SEO friendly, providing all interior links with every page.
  • Menu HTML mark-up is WC3 compliant 
  • Sub-nav option as demonstrated in the sample skins, the menu system also has the capability of displaying a sub-menu, typically deployed as a left nav. 
  • Complete skin object documentation is included
  • Sample demonstrates how to include drop shadows
  • Sample demonstrates how to style a tabular menu bar with either fixed or variable width tabs 
  • Menus themes are portable to different skins
Features at a Glance
Administrative interface allows for sophisticated layouts including images in the menu
Control the columns and nodes for each structure
Manage DNN pages and manual links
Provides preview functionality of menus
Each mega dropdown (main tab) can have its own rules and structure allowing for complete design flexibility
Menu system drives more than mega dropdowns - left navigation, sitemap, auxiliary menus
Supports localized content (multilingual)
Ability to be CSS driven (unordered lists) and xHTML compliant with W3C
Optional capability to include jQuery transitions for expand, fade, etc.
Create different versions of the menus for approval
Enterprise-Level Features
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