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Full Feature List
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Gallery Options

  • Templates for inner and outer display allow the module to produce "stacked" galleries.
  • Themes for the gallery provide the ability to manage the colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. of the galleries.
  • Provides the ability to set the basic information for the gallery such as the number of columns, height and width of the images (media), gallery title, gallery description, media title, etc.
  • Resize images on the fly.  Options around the method for resizing - resize and crop or resize by keeping aspect ratio.
  • Theme for the lightbox provides the ability to control the way the lightbox (popup) looks.
  • Images (media) have social connectors - Twitter, Facebook.
  • Ability to establish global settings for galleries. Gallery module will inherit the default settings to save time.
  • Gallery can be used on its own page or in conjunction with another item's page.  This allows the module to be displayed to focus on the gallery itself or as a related portion of a category page, person's page, a blog post, a news item, etc.
  • Gallery data rules can be set to limit as many filters as needed or leave as open as required.  For instance, set the module on the page to show the highest rated gallery from the "sports" category or just show the most recent.
  • Gallery module will take dynamic variables into account when choosing the gallery to display.  However, the module provides the ability to ignore dynamic variables (like query keys) allowing the module to produce consistent results if necessary.
Enterprise-Level Features
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