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Article Details Template Gallery

There are 14 templates that provide a lot of variety and functionality. Some templates work well with short and featured articles, some look better in the articles with more content. There are also templates designed specifically for the articles, which don't have any images in their content.

All article details templates are categorized in three major groups based on the image specifications:

- templates with a large image/or image rotator (scroll thumbnail images #1-3, 10-11 on the image rotator above),
- templates with a small image/or image rotator (scroll thumbnail images #4-9),
- templates with no image (scroll thumbnail images #12-14).

In these groups we can also distinguish following kinds of templates:

- creative templates

- common templates with powerful functionality.

List of creative templates:

LgImgBrSum.ascx - image display is enriched with an article summary in a black background, placed next to the image
- SmImgToolsL.ascx - article content doesn't wrap around image or sharing tools and it's displayed in one block.

Common templates with powerful functionality:

Numerous templates that have all sort of features, like Sharing/Recommendation/Printing Tools, display of Date, Author, Subtitle, Article Categories and more. These features had been placed in different places in particular templates.

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