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Article List Template Gallery

There are 17 templates that have different number of components built into them. Very basic templates are as simple as a display of articles titles, while other templates are enriched with a plethora of useful features (like image, Sharing tools, description, author, date, title etc). 
These templates are categorized in following groups:

- templates with more than one column used to display article list (scroll thumbnail images #1-3 on the image rotator above),
- templates with one column that presents both very basic and rich features (scroll thumbnail images #4-15),
- templates in a form of vertical and horizontal scroller (scroll thumbnail images #16-17).

Templates with more than one column:

- two columned templates are quite basic, since they only contain image, title and description (2ColBase.ascx),
- two templates with three columns display. One template reminds a calendar's design with dates grouped in the squares corners, and enriched with a display of number of submitted comments (3Colw_Com.ascx). The other template has build-in Share Tools, which adds some social aspect to the whole experience of reading an article (2ColToolsR.ascx).

Templates with one column:

These templates are very diverse. Some of them are very simple with basic components like date, title, description and no image display  (for ex. DateTitle.ascx, TitleDescription.ascx). Numerous templates combine several components (like image, title, description, author, comments) in a different location on a template (for ex. ImageTitleDescription.ascx, tk_DateL_AuthCom.ascx).

Vertical and horizontal scroller templates:

These templates present a beautiful display of the articles that deserve a better exposure at the page (ScrollVertical.ascx, ScrollHorizontal.ascx). They only consist of image and title, but the scrolling through articles definitely adds more fun to viewing these articles.

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