Forms and Questionnaire Module for DNN (DotNetNuke) – Part 2

A tutorial on how to create a DNN module: GUI prototyping


A tutorial on how to create a free DNN module: GUI prototyping

After defining the requirements for our new Forms and Questionnaire Module for DNN (Part 1) it is now time to do some design work. 

GUI Prototyping

In this post I will talk about the GUI prototyping process. The module for DotNetNuke will have a fairly complex admin interface for managing of the forms. Doing some GUI prototyping is an easy and cheap way to see what approach might work and what might not. 

What is GUI prototyping? GUI stands for graphical  user interface. This type of prototyping is designed for the user experience. The prototypes represent a skeleton of how the software will work.

For the prototyping I used an open source tool called the “Pencil Project”. The Pencil Project tool feels like a drawing application but it has predefined stencils which makes drawing GUIs a fast and easy process. The tool also has the ability to create links between different pages and to export all of your drawings into an HTML format which allows you to share your prototypes with others. The good thing about prototypes is that they are easy and fast to make and if you don’t like them you can always throw them away and start over without losing too much work.

Sample form for managing different forms.

Sample form for managing a form.

Now you have the tools you need to create a GUI prototype of a forms and questionnaire module for DotNetNuke (DNN). Keeping coming back for more blog posts on how to build this module and look for the free “Forms and Questionnaire Module for DNN” download.